Saturday, February 17, 2007

Slightly Snowbound

Harriet from the Crawford The Cat Special.

Well, development and preliminary production work did continue this week, despite the fact that Indianapolis was hit with a sizable snowfall on Monday night – about 14 inches - and it’s snowing again as I write this. I personally was unable to make it in to the studio for two days, and did what work I could from my home. My business partner Brian Reynolds, on the other hand, was able to do quite a bit of initial animation production work from his home on Tuesday. However by Wednesday afternoon, he had to brave the elements and get back to the studio. The city does a pretty good job plowing the streets; it just takes a little time, especially when it’s coming down as fast as they can clear it away. Regarding the production of this special, as soon as we get a little further into it, we’ll post some animation clips on our website for you to view.

My wife took the above picture of our youngest daughter, Olivia, playing in the backyard during the first day we were snowbound at home.

Ahh winter!


  1. The new site is great. It is fun to see what is happening there at Perennial Pictues. I will have to watch for this project to come to completion and play here in the US. My grandson will love it I'm sure. Good luck.
    Lisa Rhoads

  2. Hey Lisa Rhoads! So nice to hear from you! Send an email to me( and fill me in on your world!