Monday, January 15, 2007

From the Horse's Mouth

I am excited about the new website Russ has put together for us. I am excited because I think it is going to give us the opportunity to present things directly to the public that might not have been possible otherwise.

It's that direct link that the internet provides - and these blogs are a direct link, too. They make me feel very connected to the people I am reading posts from, even if I don't know them personally yet and I hope that will eventually be a two-way street.

One thing I know - these websites and blogs make it much easier to find someone and to communicate with them directly. I remember how much trouble I had as a kid in Bloomington, Indiana, trying to find a mailing addresss for Hanna-Barbera back in the mid-60's. Everyone in Hollywood was so mysterious and distant - not because the people themselves were mysterious and distant (it has been my experience that there is a no more friendly and down-to-earth bunch of people than animation people) but the only connection I would have was the occasional Saturday Evening Post article or something in TV Guide about a new cartoon called Jonny Quest (my mind told me that he would look like Elroy Jetson - boy was I off base on that one). Now, I can read about the production of a show - know what it's going to look like - know who's working on it... all from our little studio here in Indianapolis. For someone who's interested in all this, the communication we have now is nothing short of a miracle.

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