Saturday, May 26, 2007

Alumni Artists of Perennial Pictures

James Workman - 1994

Andy Kuhn - 1993
Michael J. Cole - 1997

Rackel L. Rutledge - 1986

The above studio photos feature a few of the Perennial Pictures "Alumni Artists." All of the Alumni Artists made invaluable contributions to the filmed productions and, whether they knew it or not, helped to shape the studio.
This week we heard from "Alumni Artist" Michael J. Cole. ..Michael worked in the Ink and Paint Department as an Artist and Supervisor at Perennial Pictures Film Corporation during the late 1990s. He, along with fellow I&P artists, personally hand-painted thousands of cels for studio productions. ..Today, however, there is no Ink and Paint Department at Perennial Pictures and nary a cel to be painted. All animation art is “painted” in the computers, and it is usually done by the animators. Happily, Michael remains very active in the creative arts field and keeps busy doing book illustrations and select design work.
Thanks for checking in, Michael J. Cole.
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~ Russ Harris

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