Sunday, August 19, 2007

CRAWFORD THE CAT in Latin America

Crawford the Cat’s been brushing up on his Spanish and Portuguese ever since he found out he's going to be part of The National Geographic Channel's new kid block called “Nat Geo & Me.”

Click to see larger image.

It’s always fun to see one of our shows on the TV schedule – even if we can’t see the actual telecasts from here in the USA. American audiences, however, can soon see all the shorts online at

Thanks NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL for making the “Crawford’s Corner” shorts part of your new Latin American kid block!


  1. Wish we could see it stateside. My niece would probably love to watch it.

  2. Thanks gemini82. I wish we could see them stateside too. We're working on that. Thanks again for the comment!

  3. Quick question does your studio own the rights to Crawford the Cat or are you just sub contracting.

  4. Hey gemini82, we own the rights to Crawford the Cat. We started developing the character, as he looks today, in 2000. We finished producing 13 shorts in 2003. The modest success of the shorts and of the character has encouraged us to produce more "Crawford the Cat" material. Hopefully the hour-long TV special and some internet interstitals we are currently working on will help move the character along a little bit further. Thanks for the question!

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