Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Here’s another fun background from G. Brian Reynolds. It’s the theatre from "Crawford the Cat Classics - Cinderella" where Crawford the Cat and his friends perform the “classics” – Fairy Tales Classics, that is.

We’re hoping that these gentler retellings of the stories will mesh well with the pre-school audience. From a creative standpoint, it’s not easy to write a softer adaptation of this oft’ times harsh material, and still remain close in flavor to the original, and keep the show upbeat and energetic. We also have to make sure the characters of Harriet and Crawford remain true to their own personalities while “playing roles” in these other shows. No lines can be written for them that they couldn’t have said in the 13 “How To” shorts that are already made and are telecasting in international markets.
While hard, I must say the challenges have also made the process very exciting. There’s no relying on what's been seen before – most of it won’t work – it has to be all brand new!

Hopefully, our adaptations for these shows will be a nice as the art is!

To see a few seconds of animation on G. Brian’s awesome background, Click Here.


“Crawford the Cat Classics – Cinderella” is the pilot for a proposed new series of hour-long TV Specials featuring the characters from “Crawford’s Corner”

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